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Saturday, 19 May 2012

2012 Tenth Annual Student Exhibit

From left to right, top to bottom... 
Betty Henry, Allen Mountz, Deb Manweiler, Fred Baldwin, Dale Weaver,
Lisa Line Perry, Virginia Barbour, Janice York
June Shutt, Claire Beadon Carnell, Emily Miller
Maisie Godfrey, Carolyn Beam, Carolyn Cline.
(Not shown:  Pat Putz, Marjorie Thumma, Julie McKain, Kurt Mountz, Bev Snyder)

At the exhibit, each artist was allowed to exhibit up to four
paintings.  I have selected one of my favorite paintings
from each artist to display here.  Enjoy!

 Artist:  Allen Mountz

 Artist:  Betty Henry

  Artist:  Pat Putz

 Artist:  Carolyn Cline

 Artist:  Fred Baldwin

 Artist:  Carolyn Beam

 Artist:  Dale Weaver

 Artist:  Deb Manweiler

 Artist:  Emily Miller

 Artist:  Janice York

 Artist:  Julie McKain

 Artist:  June Shutt

  Artist:  Kurt Mountz

  Artist:  Lisa Line Perry

  Artist:  Maisie Godfrey

 Artist:  Marjorie Thumma

  Artist:  Virginia Barbour

Just seeing all of this beautiful work really makes
me so proud!